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Buyer Beware!

CRC Concrete Raising & Repair provides the longest lasting concrete raising results and the best warranty in the industry.

Our state-of-the art equipment, including our volumetric mixer, produces a consistent, calibrated cement-based slurry that is impervious to water and therefore the most permanent fix for settled concrete. Our process and materials are safe, environmentally friendly and our results meet the industry quality standards for pitch and grade. Our concrete raising crews have developed in to what are considered to be the best in our market under the leadership of experienced and hard working crew chiefs. All of this allows us to do what we do best - quality work with long lasting results.


Caution: Some mudjackers throw a minimal amount of cement in their mixture and call their process "concrete raising like CRC." Buyer Beware! Their way is NOT the "CRC Way!"

"Mudjacking", as the name implies, utilizes a mixture of topsoil and water (mud) which is hydraulically pumped into a hole drilled in a slab of sunken concrete. Some “mudjackers” follow a similar process but instead use crushed limestone or other materials. These mixes will shrink as water and moisture evaporate or dissipate into the soil. In addition, without cement, the bonding agent, erosion will occur over time. Therefore, mudjacking is a very temporary repair.

Polyurethane – The Facts!

So what’s all this hype about polyurethane raising? If you take a look at your Google results for a query on "concrete raising" or "mudjacking" you will see all kinds of new web sites that have popped up in recent months touting polyurethane jacking or foam jacking. This is a much newer method of raising concrete which uses injected chemicals that expand to raise concrete. Yes! Chemicals injected under your slabs and into the surrounding subgrade! These websites try to make polyurethane jacking seem like a miracle for sunken concrete, but let’s take a closer look at the facts:
  • Polyurethane jacking does not meet our quality standards for pitch and grade – especially for complex, heavy raises. And complete void fills are almost impossible to achieve. Polyurethane jacking is accomplished through expanding chemicals and expansion continues after injection stops. Too much material equals too much expansion resulting in over raising. Note: Once the concrete is raised, it cannot be lowered.
  • With new methods come new contractors. Two day classes are offered regularly by polyurethane manufacturers and then attendees are set loose to practice polyurethane jacking on unsuspecting clients. NOTE: CRC has been raising concrete for 15 years and our crew chiefs raise more concrete in a week than some of these companies ever have. Trust us! We will never "practice" on your concrete!
  • In addition to quality issues there are safety and environmental issues to consider. At this point, no one knows how safe these chemicals are over time. If the concrete ever needs to be removed, will this material be safe or will it need special removal considerations? Are these injected chemicals - now in surrounding soil and landscaping - safe for people and pets that may come in contact with it? What about plants and trees? There are no clear answers at this time.

Again, Buyer Beware!!

Yes, it would be easier and cheaper for us to raise your concrete using polyurethane. But our goal is not to do what is best for us. Our goal is to do what is best for you, our customer. We are happy to take on the extra effort, work, and yes, the extra expense to do things right – the CRC Way!

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