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Common Questions After Raising

We are happy to discuss your completed RAISING project with you


Can I walk or drive over the slabs that were just raised?

  • All slabs can be immediately walked on, but make sure to avoid the holes that are filled with wet cement. The slabs may be driven over after 8 hours. But, do not park heavy objects (cars, etc.) on the slab for at least 48 hours

Is there a way to make the patches less noticeable?

  • The reason the patched holes are a different color is because the raised slab is older and ‘dirtier’ than the patches. Over time the patches will begin to blend in with the older concrete. You can try applying some vinegar to age them faster. After allowing the patches to cure for at least 48 hours the slabs may be power washed. Power washing the slab will make the older concrete look ‘newer’ making the patches less noticeable.

How can I prolong the results of the raising and also prevent any animal intrusion?

  • It is important to bring your dirt level (or landscaping) up to within ½” of the top of the raised concrete slab. This is commonly known as BACKFILLING. This will prevent both erosion of the material underneath the slab as well as animal intrusion and is necessary to keep your warranty effective.

How can I fill the crack or gap in my concrete slab?

  • Cracks, gaps, holes and control joints should be CAULKED to prevent water intrusion and to improve their appearance. We recommend using a polyurethane based exterior caulk such as Sika Construction Sealant. These caulks come in two types: regular and SL (Self Leveling) type. Regular caulk should be used on vertical areas. Self leveling caulk should be used on horizontal areas combined with backer rod to block any openings and keep the caulk from seeping out. Blocking all openings that caulk can seep into is a very important step in doing a quality caulking job. To cure properly, the caulk should only be ½” to ¾” thick when applied. All the materials can be found at any home improvement stores, in the concrete department.

  • CRC CAN PROFESSIONALLY INSTALL THE CAULKING FOR YOU. Ask your consultant or a foreman on a site for a quote.

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