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Crack Repair and Stop Leaks

Cracks in poured concrete basement and crawlspace walls are a fact of life but can unnerve even the savviest homeowners. The fact is - concrete cracks. Many of these cracks are common shrinkage cracks that occur as the concrete cures. These cracks are typically vertical and usually less than 1/16" wide. We also see many structural or settlement cracks. These can happen due to differential loading, lateral pressure, or from vertical movement due to soil shrinkage. CRC's methods of foundation crack repair and stopping leaks in foundations are designed to be cost-effective and reliable. And though some waterproofing companies may propose extensive crack repair methods inside and outside of the home, all of our work is done inside the home. Our crack repair processes are quick, simple, and clean. CRC's process of foundation crack repair uses multiple types of resins to inject cracks, holes, and porous areas. Our exclusively-formulated HydroSeal and HydroFill products are used to permanently waterproof and repair your concrete foundation issues.
Foundation Crack Repair Prep1. Prep
Foundation Crack Repair Sealing2. Seal
Foundation Crack Repair Injection3. Inject
Benefits of utilizing our exclusively formulated expanding urethane (HydroFill):
  • Fills the crack completely, not just on the surface
  • Any voids behind the wall are filled
  • It’s flexible – for any future movement or settling of your foundation
  • It does not shrink
HydroStop is our proprietary gel-based epoxy sealant that provides an effective barrier for cracks and leaks in block and stone foundations. HydroStop has many applications and can also be painted.
Not sure if you need CRC Concrete Raising & Repair? Send your question to one of our experts or call us, and we will address all issues dealing with cracked and leaking concrete.



  • Are gutters clean and free of obstructions?
  • Are downspouts extended and pointed in the proper direction?
  • Are there splashblocks under the gutter downspouts?
  • Are the service pipes leading into the basement sealed properly?
  • Are the window wells clean and draining properly?
  • Is the air conditioner condensate line clean and draining properly?
  • Is the yard grade sloped away from the home?
These simple maintenance items can minimize basement–related leaks. Call CRC Concrete Raising & Repair if problems persist. CRC Concrete Raising & Repair has helped thousands of homeowners keep their basements dry with repairs that are completed from inside the home! Even better, most of our repairs are in the hundreds – not thousands - of dollars. Please contact CRC for a common sense approach to foundation repair and waterproofing.

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