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CRC Concrete Raising & Repair Solves Sunken Concrete Problems in Bartlett (600133, 60103)


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Concrete Raising/Lifting
in Bartlett

CRC Concrete Raising & Repair’s core focus is to provide concrete raising, stabilizing, and void filling services using calibrated cement-based slurry with our state-of-the- art technology. We've been a leader in the industry for over 16 years.

Exterior Caulking
in Bartlett

Caulking is a big part of our business, it is very important process to assure the soil does not washout and concrete stays stable for years

Foundation Crack Repair
in Bartlett

We have professionals who have worked on interior foundation crack repairs for many years, and work with the best materials in the industry

We use a tried and true method of slab raising combined with the most modern technology to lift and level concrete slabs. We raise concrete, you save money. We are the trusted concrete raisers for commercial, residential and community associations alike. Why settle for a lower quality polyjacking or mudjacking when you can have the best value, best repair, and best warranty? CRC Concrete Raising & Repair provides concrete raising, stabilizing and void filling services to Residential, Commercial/Industrial and Community Association markets in the Chicago Metropolitan and Northern Illinois area at one half to one third the cost of concrete replacement and provides the best warranty in the industry!

  • Sidewalks in Bartlett

  • Patios/Stoops/Steps in Bartlett

  • Garage Floors in Bartlett

  • Driveways in Bartlett

  • Interior Floors in Bartlett

  • Factory / Warehouse Floors in Bartlett

  • Void Filling in Bartlett

  • Foundation Crack Repair in Bartlett

We are the trusted concrete raiser for the commercial, residential and community association markets alike. Why settle for a lower quality polyjacking or mudjacking when you can have the best value, best repair, and best warranty? Call CRC Concrete Raising and let us help you with your repair needs today! 

CRC Concrete Raising & Repair provides a consistent, calibrated cement-based slurry that is impervious to water and therefore the most permanent fix for settled concrete. Our state-of-the art equipment including our volumetric mixer allows us to do what we do best – quality work with long lasting results. Our concrete raising is the highest quality you could ask for in our industry. We have years of experience and are competitively priced to make getting your concrete raising or foundation crack repair not only reliable, but very affordable 



  • State-of-the-art concrete raising and foundation crack repair technology and equipment

  • The best warranty in the industry! 2 - 4 times the warranty of new concrete or for concrete raising by mudjackers or with polyurethane.

  • Perfectly calibrated concrete raising material mixing and delivery capability which provides a consistent mixture from start to finish

  • High content cement-based slurry designed to handle a greater load capacity than the average clay soil used by mudjackers or polyjackers

  • We follow the Best Management Standards/Specifications for Concrete Slab Raising


What Our Clients are Saying

Dennis and his crew at CRC have been fantastic every time I have used them. Not to mention we had a couple of additional add ons after a job was over and they came back at no additional cost to raise a few more cement slabs. Good company, great employees, excellent product.

Tom P, Bartlett

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