CRC Concrete Services in Wheeling, Illinois 

Concrete raising and sinking concrete services in Wheeling, Illinois

Over a decade ago concrete raising was considered a costly and pointless prospect. The only way to deal with concrete raising in Northbrook was to break out a section of the concrete and pour new concrete into the area. Since then advances in technology has made the costly replacement method a last ditch resort to a more economical solution for raising. Companies such as CRC Concrete Raising and Repair in Wheeling has the years of experience you need and the right tools for the job.

Sinking Driveway Repair Wheeling

Driveways are one of the concrete surfaces that we deal with the most in our lives. They hold our cars, act as a meeting area for outdoor chats, and our kids play on them. This makes a sinking driveway a major concern. A sinking driveway is a sign that the ground under is being eroded away, and that could lead to the formation of a sinkhole. Stop your sinking driveway at the first sign by calling CRC Concrete Raising and Repair. Unlike foam raising, their concrete raising method uses concrete to create a solid and firm foundation under your sinking concrete Wheeling to ensure that your driveway stays level.

Concrete Raising Wheeling

Driveways are not the only concrete surface that CRC can help with. Concrete patios, sidewalks, and more! CRC Concrete Raising and Repair can make your concrete safe again. A half inch difference in two pieces of concrete is enough to cause a tripping hazard. A half inch difference is also noticeable by the naked eye, meaning your concrete will look poorly maintained as well. So get your concrete safe and looking perfect with the help of CRC Concrete Raising and Repair!