Do you have problems with water in your Downers Grove home? With the inconsistent weather changes in the area and the amount of rain we get in the spring and summer, and the snow melts during the winter, there are several times a year that water can get into your basement.  CRC Concrete Raising and Repair will come in and analyze the problem areas. After we analyze the areas where water is leaking into your home we will use our in-house formulas; HydroSeal and Hydro Fill in order to fill all cracks and water coming into your basement.

Causes Of Leaks

There are several different reasons how water can get into your basement:
  • Floor Cracks - Floor cracks are also a result of pressure building up from water in the basement.  These cracks can cause major issues not just for water leaking into your basement, they can also affect your foundation as well.
  • Wall Cracks -  Most wall cracks are caused by pressure.  Pressure building up from water that is flowing near your home.  First, it is important to identify how the crack was created in your wall, and look to make sure that no other cracks will appear in the future.  Once that is taken care of we will use our formula HydroFill and HydroSeal to make sure that the crack is taken care of and doesn’t leak down your wall again.
  • Mortar Joint Leaking - If your home in Downers Grove was built with bricks or cinder blocks then this is going to affect you.  Over time the mortar within the joints of the bricks and blocks is going to deteriorate. When this happens water leaks into your basement.  In order to prevent more problems in the future, an expert waterproofing service can come into your basement and identify which joints need work to prevent future leaking.
  • Tie Rod Holes - If you have an older home in Downers Grove, you might have problems with tie rod holes filling up with water and causing your basement to leak.  Tie rod holes were created when the tie rods were inserted into the concrete frame of your home and then removed. These can fill with water, and cause leaking problems in your basement.
  • Top Wall or Ceiling- If your basement is at or near ground level then you might notice that water is leaking in from the top of the wall.  These leaks typically start and slowly drip down the wall leaving a long water stain. If you have an older home in Downers Grove, then the soil around the home has settled and therefore creates lower spots which makes it easier for water to get into your home.
  • Joint Leakage- When your home was built, a hole was dug, and concrete was poured into that hole.  These then became the dimensions of your basement and walls were built around it. Those walls were made of wood and other materials to spread out the weight of your home.  However, when concrete is poured into a wooden form it can create little waterways for water to get into. These waterways expand over time and you have joint leakage.
  • Window Wells - When the water around your home builds up, window wells actually provide relief from water coming into your basement. However, if the area around your home isn’t draining properly then these can fill and leak through the windows and into your basement.  You can do some things to help the situation, make sure there are no cracks in the windows, point gutters and downspouts further away from your home. However, if you’re still seeing water coming in from your window wells, a local waterproofing service in Downers Grove can come in solving this problem for you.
  • Air Pockets - Air pockets will form honeycomb cracks in your cement walls.  These cracks are crumbling chipped away concrete that are caused by poorly mixed concrete.  In order to fill these correctly choose a local waterproofing service in Downers Grove to come and make sure that the cracks and more are filled into the walls.

Waterproofing Checklist

Are you struggling with a leaky basement?  Try these helpful steps first to see if it helps the problem:
  • Is the grade of your yard pointed away from your house?
  • Is your toilet leaking?
  • Are all your pipes sealed properly?
  • Make sure your sewer line is not backing up
  • Use splash blocks under your gutter downspouts
  • Move your gutters and downspouts away from the leaking area and make sure they are clean.
If you have checked all these things, then call a local waterproofing service in Downers Grove to help you with waterproofing your basement today!

CRC Concrete Raising and Repair’s Waterproofing Process

CRC Concrete Raising and Repair employes a system of waterproofing that will solve all your problems in three simple steps.
  1. Prepare the area
  2. Seal the crack
  3. Inject HydroSeal or HydroFill
HydroSeal and HydroFill is our own special method for waterproofing a basement and fixing cracks. Our formula is better than any other service’s on the market.  It is designed to be cost-effective and easy for you so you can save your time and your money. There are four main benefits to relying on HydroSeal and HydropFill for waterproofing your basement:
  • All voids behind the wall are filled
  • Fills the crack completely, not just on the surface
  • It never shrinks
  • It’s flexible – for any future movement or settling of your foundation

Waterproofing Service Downers Grove

If you see leaks in your home then you need a local waterproofing service in Downers Grove to come out right away.  Cracks and leaks in your walls can lead to more serious damages to your home. Stagnant water in your walls, or on your carpet can lead to hazardous mold to you and your family.  Even if you see a small crack, take care of it, don’t let the pressure build inside your walls until it is a giant crack. CRC Concrete Raising and Repair can help you with waterproofing your home, contact us today.