Sinking Sidewalk Highland Park

When it comes to sidewalks, even a half inch difference between two parts is enough to be a tripping hazard. This makes raising your concrete necessary on a safety level, as much as an aesthetics level. There are three main ways to achieve this. Traditional Mudjacking, polyjacking, and concrete jacking. As the names imply, the difference is the material used to raise the concrete. CRC Concrete Raising and Repair specializes in Concrete Jacking, and you'll see why.

Mudjacking Highland Park

Mudjacking is an old process in which to raise concrete. Mud or dirt, rock, and sediment are pumped under the concrete to lift up the slab and to fill in the gap that is left under the raised concrete. Mudjacking is a tried and true method of leveling and raising concrete. This method has a lot of control to allow concrete to be raised and placed within less than a quarter inch of where it had been but has one drawback. Because it fills the void with mud and loose debris, the chances that the void returns and the concrete sinks again is high. This leads us to the other two methods of concrete raising.

Polyjacking Highland Park

Polyjacking is a newer method of raising concrete. Polyjacking uses expanding polyurethane foam to both fill the void and push the concrete up. This process is better by creating a firm structure under the concrete to fill the void that has no risk of collapsing from erosion that caused the concrete to sink in the first place. The drawback of Polyjacking is that the method relies on the expansion of the foam to increase the height of the concrete. The expanding foam uses a chemical reaction to create the voids inside the foam. This is very hard to control and often leaves concrete as much as a half inch out of alignment, which does not eliminate the tripping hazard and is visible to the naked eye.

Concrete Jacking Highland Park

The final method, concrete jacking, is the best of both worlds of the above. Concrete that is pumped into the void has the same consistency of the mud that would be used to raise the concrete up, and once cures the concrete creates a solid block that won't erode like polyjacking. Concrete jacking does have a higher cost than polyjacking, which might make polyjacking a low-cost alternative, but most people that use polyjacking often require the grinding of the concrete and resurfacing to get the sunken concrete to look like new.

Quality Concrete Raising Highland Park

So when you have concrete that has sunken down, but it a sunken sidewalk, sunken driveway, or other concrete bases. Call CRC Concrete Raising and Repair to get it fixed. For over 13 years CRC has been helping people with their concrete problems, and have employees who have over 40 years of combined experience in the concrete raising industry. So you know that when you pick CRC, you'll be picking the best concrete raisers.