Mudjacking Libertyville

Mudjacking Libertyville

Concrete sinking into the ground has always been a problem. This is often caused erosion of dirt by water and other means creating a void under the concrete that causes it to sink. Mudjacking is the process that is used to fix this issue. How mudjacking is works is that dirt and sediment are pumped under the sunken concrete to raise it back up to where it originally was when it was first poured. However this does not solve the problem that caused the issue in the first place, and with time the concrete is likely to sink again from the same factors that caused it to sink in the first place. Companies such as CRC Concrete Raising & Repair offer alternatives to traditional mudjacking in Libertyville, by filling in the void with concrete giving a longer term solution to the problem.

Sinking Feeling

Sinking concrete can cause several problems. The first and most apparent problem is a tripping hazard. When a concrete surface is not level, even by as much as a half an inch, it can cause a potential tripping hazard. This affects people who are unable to either lift their feet off the ground that much, or require a walking device such as a cane or walker, as well as people that tend to drag their feet. Besides walking, items such as a wheelbarrows and hand trucks will also have problems and can even cause those items to tip over, spilling whatever was on them. Those are only the most immediate problem with sunken concrete. It can also cause the flow of water to change. If the concrete was tipped away from the house, and the sinking caused the angle to change towards the house, it can cause flooding or other water issues such as mold or rotting of wooden supports.

Concrete Raising Libertyville

Like most services, there are those that offer ‘quality’ services at a lower cost, but you have to take a look at things. Often times the cheaper raising methods used have downsides that companies do not tell you about. An alternative to mud or concrete for mudjacking in Libertyville is foam, but because the foam expands within the area it can often be harder to control. This factor is often why companies that offer the concrete raising in Libertyville will also include disclaimers in their contacts to allow for a tolerance for how much the end raising has to be compared to the original height, which might not completely solve the problem with the concrete being uneven. In addition foam can compress over the years, making the concrete sink below what it was raised to and what it originally was. Also going with a company that has years of experience and part of a national association, such as CRC Concrete Raising and repair, means that you can trust that they have the knowledge and capability of helping you with your concrete raising and repairing needs in Libertyville.

Mudjacking Wheeling

Mudjacking Wheeling

Since the first stone was placed by man, the ground has been swallowing up the foundations that are laid. Even years later with the use of concrete this sinking has been happening, but concrete typically has a problem that can be catastrophic over stone foundations. One of the causes of sinking has been water flow eroding away the dirt under the stone or concrete, while stone foundations sink individually, concrete tries to stay together causing it to tilt or crack. Properly filling this void in is a process known as mudjacking. The practice started by using dirt and sediment to fill in the void created through erosion, and push the concrete back up into its original position.

Concrete Raising Wheeling

The main problem with this process is that by putting dirt and sediment back into the void, it is still as vulnerable to the erosion that caused the void in the first place. While there have been chemical solutions that are in use, concrete mudjacking gives a long term solution that has a quality that can not be achieved by foam. The biggest advantage of concrete over foam for mudjacking is that foam is too unpredictable. This is due to the uneven reaction of the foam causing some areas to expand more than others.

Don’t Replace sinking Wheeling

Most people think that if their concrete is sinking that their best option is replacement, but this isn’t true. Replacement of a concrete surface is very costly and does not always guarantee that the replacement concrete won't sink. Concrete raising is a cost effective solution to the problem and can often solve the issue without the need for a civil engineer to look at like replacement would. Concrete Raising Service Wheeling So if you have a problem with concrete sinking give the people at CRC Concrete Raising and Repair in Wheeling a call. Their experts have the knowledge you need to help solve your sinking concrete problem. Their expert service of mudjacking in Wheeling will not only prolong the life of your concrete, but it will also keep you safe as uneven concrete can be a tripping hazard. Sunken concrete is a problem that only gets worse with time. So don’t wait until it is too late. Give CRC Concrete Raising and Repair a call today!